The World Hockey Association Hall of Fame was established in 2009 with the first class being inducted in 2010.  The second class was inducted in 2012

The World Hockey Association Hall of Fame is an independent organization of hockey historians, journalists and former WHA coaches, players and management who are dedicated to honoring the 1972-1979 major league.

After several years of WHA reunions, public events and media productions, WHA Hall of Fame president & founder Timothy Gassen assembled in the summer of 2009 an Advisory Board of former WHA coaches, players, management and other prominent hockey historians. They helped to create an induction ballot for the WHA HOF, and to shape the plans for our museum exhibits. We also approached founding members of the original WHA and received their support for our efforts and acquisition of WHA materials.

The Hall of Fame is set up within the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Minnesota.

Honored Members 2010Edit







Legends of the GameEdit

WHA Players or Coaches who performed to Hall of Fame levels in another major league, and who also deserve recognition for their significant contributions or career start in the WHA.

Honored Members 2012Edit


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