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Winnipeg is a city of over 600,000 people and is the capital of Manitoba, Canada

The city was originally founded as Fort Rouge in 1738. For a period it was known as Fort Gibraltar.  It was renamed Fort Garry in 1822 and finally renamed Winnipeg in 1783.

The city of Winnipeg now includes the former municpalities Transcona, St. Boniface, St Vital, West Kildonan, East Kildonan, TuxedoOld Kildonan, North Kildonan, Fort Garry, Charleswood, and St. James

Hockey in WinnipegEdit

The city of Winnipeg has been host to many hockey events over the years. Due to its' central location in Canada and the fact that the Shea's Amphitheatre was the only artificial ice surface between Toronto and Vancouver for many years.Winnipeg has hosted games of the Memorial Cup finals thirteen times between 1922 and 1959.

Winnipeg was a hot bed for senior hockey particularly from 1911 to 1917 with the Winnipeg Victorias, the Winnipeg Hockey Club, the Winnipeg Monarchs, and the Winnipeg 61st Battalion all holding the Allan Cup during this time frame.  Winnipeg also hosted eight Allan Cup Finals after this period with the last being held in 1968.

Winnipeg hosted the 1967 Centennial Tournament, with teams from Canada, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and USA.

From 1965 to 1968 Winnipeg was the base for Canada's amateur national hockey team.

Third game of the Canada Soviet tournament of 1972 was held in Winnipeg, and ended in a 4-4 tie.

Winnipeg hosted games of the 1973, 1977, 1978, 1979 AVCO World Trophy finals.  Game 6 of the 1979 final was the last game ever played by the WHA

one game of the 1976 Canada Cup and five games of the 1981 Canada Cup

Winnipeg hosted the 2006 AHL All-Star Classic

2007 IIHF World Women's Championship

2007 Game 5 of the Canada Russia Junior Super Series

2009 World Deaf Ice Hockey Championship

Winnpeg hosted the 2011 World U-17 Hockey Challenge along with Portage La Prairie

Winnipeg is scheduled to co-host the 2021 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships with Thunder Bay, Ontario


Major LeagueEdit

63px-Winnipeg JEes Logo svg
  1. (WHA, 1972-1979) join NHL during NHL-WHA merger
  2. (NHL, 1979-1996) moved to Phoenix, become Phoenix Coyotes
  3. (NHL, 2011-present)

Minor LeagueEdit

  1. (IHL, 1996-2001) join AHL when IHL folds
  2. (AHL, 1996-2011) franchise relocated to St. John's and become St. John's IceCaps, when ownership purchases Atlanta Thrashers of NHL and relocates franchise to Winnipeg
  3. (AHL, 2015-Present)
  1. (Central Hockey League, 1925-1926) league renamed AHA
  2. (American Hockey Association, 1926-1928) withdrew
  1. (Manitoba Hockey Association, 1906-1907) league changes name and becomes openly professional
  2. (Manitoba Professional Hockey League, 1907-1908) revert to amateur status

Major JuniorEdit

  1. (Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, 1967-1968)  league renamed WCHL
  2. (Western Canada Hockey League, 1968-1973) renamed Clubs


  1. (Manitoba Assiniboine Hockey League, 1976-1980)
  2. also played in South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League
  1. (Manitoba Senior Hockey League, 1967-1971) join CCHL
  2. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1970-1971) played as a guest team
  3. (Canadian Central Hockey League, 1971-1974) play independent following season
  4. Independent Schedule (1974-1975) join CASHL
  5. (Central Amateur Senior Hockey League, 1975-1991)
  6. Independent Schedule (1991-1994) folded
  1. (Manitoba Eastern Hockey League, 1969-1971) withdrew, return for 72-73 season
  2. (Manitoba Eastern Hockey League, 1972-1973)
  1. (Manitoba Senior Hockey League, 1953-1954)
  2. Was only senior hockey team in province of Manitoba from 1955 to 1964
  3. (Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League, 1962-1964 as a touing team)
  4. (Manitoba Senior Hockey League, 1965-1967) moved to St. Boniface, renamed St. Boniface Mohawks

Military Teams playing in Senior Leagues in Winnipeg AreaEdit

Very Honourable mention: The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division "Winnipegs" played in the 1940-41 season Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League while stationed at the miltary camp at Debert, Nova Scotia while waiting overseas deployment during the Second World War.


  1. (Winnipeg Metro Intermediate 'AA" Hockey League, 1961-1962)
  1. (Manitoba Intermediate 'AA' Hockey League, 1964-1965)
  1. (Winnipeg Metro Intermediate 'AA" Hockey League, 1961-1962) league renamed to MIAAHL
  1. (Manitoba Intermediate 'AA' Hockey League, 1962-1965)

Junior AEdit

  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1921-1933) see MJHL
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1931-1937) withdrew
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1922-1923)
  2. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1929-1930
  3. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League 1939-1945)
  1. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League 1936-1946) merge with Stan Evans Orioles as St. James Orioles
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League 1946-1947) become Winnipeg Canadiens
  3. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League 1967-2003) 
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1917-19) withdrew
  2. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1922-1927) withdrew
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1920-1921) moved to St Boniface
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1947-1950) franchise sold and moved to St. Boniface
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1921-1922) withdrew
  2. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1927-1933  fold after failed merger with Winnipeg Winnipegs
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1920-1925) withdrew
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1931-36) merge with Winnipeg Rangers as Winnipeg Falcon-Rangers
  3. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1940-42) withdrew
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1918-1920) withdrew
  2. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1931-1933) league renamed MJHL
  3. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1933-1975) renamed Assiniboine Park Monarchs to allow for Winnipeg Monarchs name to be used by WCHL team
  4. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1977-1978) become Fort Garry Blues
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1918-1920) withdrew
  2. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1925-1929) withdrew
  1. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1934-1936) merge with Winnipeg Falcons as Winnipeg Falcon-Rangers
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1956-1957) moved to Brandon
  3. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1959-1967) sold and renamed St. Boniface Saints
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1919-21) withdrew
  2. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1922-28) withdrew
  1. (Winnipeg and District Junior Hockey League, 1919-21) withdrew
  2. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1931-33) fold after failed merger with Winnipeg Columbus Club
  3. (Manitoba Junior Hockey League, 1936-1938) folded

Junior BEdit

Junior C (Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League)Edit


  • MTS Center (2004-Present)
  • Bell MTS Iceplex(2010-Present)
  • Olympic Rink (1923-1960's)
  • Shea's Amphitheatre (1909-1955)
  • Winnipeg Arena (1955-2004)
  • Winnipeg Auditorium (1898-1926) destroyed by fire; rebuilt as a theatre type venue in 1931
  • Tydell Park Community Centre Rink
  • Tuxedo Community Centre Rink
  • Valley Gardens Community Centre Rink
  • Varsity View Community Centre Rink
  • Victoria Community Centre Rink
  • Waverly Heights Community Centre Rink
  • West Kildonan Community Centre Rink
  • Robert A. Steen Memorial Community Centre Rink
  • Sturgeon Creek Community Centre Rink
  • Riverview Community Centre Rink
  • Roblin Park Community Centre Rink
  • Silver Heights Community Centre Rink
  • Sir John Franklin Community Centre Rink
  • River Osborne Community Centre Rink
  • Sinclair Park Community Centre Rink
  • South Transcona Community Centre Rink
  • Southdale Community Centre Rink
  • St. Norbert Community Centre Rink
  • Westdale Community Centre Rink
  • Weston Memorial Community Centre Rink
  • Woodhaven Park Community Centre Rink
  • Windsor Community Centre Rink
  • Winakwa Community Centre Rink
  • Willdwood Community Centre Rink
  • Westridge Community Centre Rink
  • Vince Leah Community Centre Rink
  • Archwood Community Centre Rink
  • Bord-Aire Community Centre Rink
  • Bourkevale Community Centre Rink
  • Bronx Park Community Centre Rink
  • Brooklands Community Centre Rink
  • Burton Cummings Community Centre Rink
  • Central Community Community Centre Rink
  • Chalmers Community Centre Rink
  • Clifton Community Centre Rink
  • Crescentwood Community Centre Rink
  • Lord Roberts Community Centre Rink
  • Luxton Community Centre Rink
  • Champlain Community Centre Rink
  • Melrose Community Centre Rink
  • Morse Place Community Centre Rink
  • Norberry Community Centre Rink
  • Norquay Community Centre Rink
  • North Kildonan Community Centre Rink
  • Northwood Community Centre Rink
  • Red River Community Centre Rink
  • Kirkfield-Westwood Community Centre Rink
  • Kelvin Community Centre Rink
  • Dakota Community Centre Rink
  • Deer Lodge Community Centre Rink
  • Earl Grey Community Centre Rink
  • East Elmwood Community Centre Rink
  • East End Community Centre Rink
  • Fort Garry Community Centre Rink
  • Garden City Community Centre Rink
  • Gateway Community Centre Rink
  • Glenlee Community Centre Rink
  • Glenwood Community Centre Rink
  • Greendell Community Centre Rink
  • Harrow Community Centre Rink
  • Greendale Community Centre Rink
  • Heritage-Victoria Community Centre Rink
  • Isaac Brock Community Centre Rink
  • Richmond Kings Community Centre Rink
  • Orioles Community Centre Rink
  • Oxford Heights Community Centre Rink
  • Park City West Community Centre Rink
  • Maples Recreation Association Rink
  • Eric Coy Arena
  • Charles A Barbour Arena
  • East End Community Club
  • Canlan Ice Sports-Winnipeg
  • Bertrand Arena
  • Keith Bodley Indoor Arena
  • Frank Wythe Recreation Centre
  • Pioneer Arena
  • Century Arena
  • Roland Michener Arena
  • River East Arena
  • Dutton Memorial Arena
  • River Height Community Centre Rink
  • Dakota Community Club
  • St. Vital Centennial Arena
  • St. Norbert Community Club
  • St. James Civic Centre Arena
  • Southdale Community Club
  • Sargent Park Arena
  • Sam Southern Arena
  • Assiniboia West Recreation Association Rink
  • Terry Sawchuck Memorial Arena
  • Winnipeg Winter Club
  • Gateway Recreation Centre
  • Glenwood Community Club
  • Billy Mosienko Arena
  • Maples Multiplex
  • Maginot Arena
  • Notre Dame Arena
  • Allard Arena
  • River Heights Arena
  • Richmond Kings Community Centre
  • Max Bell Centre
  • Old Exhibtion Arena
  • West Kildonan Memorial Indoor Arena
  • Vimy Arena
  • Notre Dame Recreation Association Rink
  • Ralph Brown Recreation Association Rink


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