There were four teams formerly called the Windsor Royals and one current team:

1. Windsor Royals (OHA) from Windsor, Ontario. They were a junior C team from 1970-74 and junior B from 1974-1985.

2. Windsor Royals (MVJHL) from Windsor, Nova Scotia. They played in the Metro Valley League in the Maritimes from 1972-79.

3. From Windsor, Nova Scotia based Windsor Royals (NSSHL) played in the Nova Scotia Senior Hockey League (1982-1995) for the 1988-89 season.

4. Windsor Royals (NSJHL) from Windsor, Nova Scotia in the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League from 1993-on. They won the Don Johnson Cup in 2001 and 2008. The team last played in the 2011-12 and then took a leave of absence and were then replaced by a new team called the Valley Maple Leafs. for the 2013-14 season.

5. The Windsor, Nova Scotia based Windsor Royals (NSRJHL) were renamed from the Avon River Rats during the 2018 off-season as the team had run into issues over the copyright with the team's then logo as it was not given permission by the Albany River Rats then of the American Hockey League to use the logo.  The executive of the staff reached back to the past and named the team in honour of the previous Junior B team in town.

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