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The William Ryan Trophy is a Canadian ice hockey series to determine the Northwestern Ontario seed of the Keystone Cup - the Western Canada Junior "B" Hockey Crown.


The Thunder Bay Junior B Championship has been awarded since 1933. From 1997 until 2004, the right to compete in the Keystone Cup was an epic battle between the champions of the Thunder Bay Junior B Hockey League and the North of Superior Junior B Hockey League. After six championships competed for, each league had three Northwestern Ontario titles each, but in the last two years of competition the TBJBHL won both years. As the NSHL folded in 2004, the TBJBHL won the 8 year series five championships to three. Since Tier II Junior "A" hockey in the region has expanded from just the Thunder Bay Flyers in 2000 to the 7-team Superior International Junior Hockey League in 2007, the local talent pools have been severely taxed making the Junior "B" teams less dominant at the National level. The result has been the shrinking down the TBJBHL to 3 Junior teams mixed in with a bunch of top tier Minor "AAA" teams and of course the all-out folding of the NSHL in 2004.

Since the 2004-05 season, the TBJBHL/LJHL champion has been uncontested and has earned automatic berth into the Keystone Cup. The only time the Northwestern Ontario champion has ever won the Western Canadian title was in 1999 when the Fort William Hurricanes went the distance.

The region has hosted the Keystone Cup five times. Thunder Bay, Ontario hosted the Cup in 1994, 1999 and 2009. Schreiber, Ontario hosted the second ever Cup in 1984 and again in 2004.


note: All champions listed from 2005 to present are as a result winning the Thunder Bay Junior B Hockey League (2015-2016)/Lakehead Junior Hockey League (2017 on) playoffs as that league is the only Junior B league in the region and no interleague playoff was required

1933 Juvenile Monarchs
1934 Juvenile Monarchs
1935 Maroons
1937 Red Indians
1938 Chapples Wolverines
1939 Maroons
1940 Canadian Legion Rangers
1941 North Star Juvenile
1942 East End Juvenile
1943 Ferraris East End
1944 North Star Millers
1945 Columbus Club Millers
1946 Nesco North Stars
1947 Nesco North Stars
1948 Nesco North Stars
1949 Columbus Canadians
1950 Hurricane Rangers
1951 Columbus Canadians
1952 Columbus Canadians
1953 East Ends
1954 East End AA
1955 Canadians
1956 Canadians
1957 Canadians
1958 Westfort AA
1959 Canadians
1960 Hurricane Rangers
1961 Canadians
1962 Canadians
1963 Canadians
1964 Canadians
1965 Canadians
1966 Canadians
1967 Fort William Hurricanes
1968 Fort William Hurricanes
1969 Fort William Hurricanes
1970 Fort William Hurricanes
1971 Canadians
1972-1976 none
1977 Fort William Hurricanes
1978 Fort William Hurricanes
1979 Zysko Blades
1980 Fort William Hurricanes
1981 Fort William Hurricanes
1982 Fort William Hurricanes
1983 Nip Rock
1984 Andrews
1985 Nip Rock
1986 Thunder Bay Hornets
1987 Thunder Bay Hornets
1988 Thunder Bay Hornets
1989 Fort William Hurricanes
1990-1993 none
1994 Westfort Maroons
1995 Fort William Hurricanes
1996 Northwestern Wildcats
1997 Northwestern Wildcats
1998 Hearst Elans
1999 Hearst Elans
2000 Fort William Hurricanes
2001 Westfort Maroons
2002 Aguasabon River Rats
2003 Nipigon Elks
2004 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2005 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2006 K&A Wolverines
2007 K&A Wolverines
2008 K&A Wolverines
2009 K&A Wolverines
2010 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2011 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2012 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2013 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2014 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2015 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2016 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks
2017 Nipigon Elks

Inter-league play Champions[]

Season Winner Runner-up
1996-97 Northwest Wildcats (TBJBHL) Marathon Renegades (NSHL)
1997-98 Hearst Elans (NSHL) Fort William Hurricans (TBJBHL)
1998-99 Hearst Elans (NSHL) Fort William Hurricans (TBJBHL)
1999-00 Fort William Hurricans (TBJBHL) Aguasabon River Rats (NSHL)
2000-01 Westfort Maroons (TBJBHL) Aguasabon River Rats (NSHL)
2001-02 Aguasabon River Rats (NSHL) Westfort Maroons (TBJBHL)
2002-03 Nipigon Elks (TBJBHL) Wawa Travellers (NSHL)
2003-04 Thunder Bay Northern Hawks (TBJBHL) Wawa Travellers (NSHL)

There has been no trophy competition since the demise of the NSHL after the 2003-04 season. The trophy is now awarded to the champion of the Thunder Bay Junior B Hockey League.

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