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The Western Conference is one of two conferences in the ECHL used to divide teams. Its counterpart is the Eastern Conference.

The National Conference was created in 2003 as the Western Conference, when the ECHL realigned its teams into two conferences and four divisions following the ECHL's absorbtion of the 7-member West Coast Hockey League. The conference was renamed the National Conference in 2004. The conference's name was changed back to the Western Conference in 2010.

The National Conference currently consists of all of the ECHL's members in the western United States and British Columbia.


The original alignment of the Western Conference consisted of a seven team Pacific Division (consisting of the former members of the WCHL) and the seven team Central Division. In 2004, the Pacific Division was renamed the West Division, the Central Division was split up into the East Division and South Division and moved to the American Conference and the North Division was moved to the National Conference.

In 2005, the West Division was split into the six team West Division and the five team Pacific Division. Currently, the Western Conference comprises eight teams in two divisions: Pacific and Mountain.




Kelly Cup champions produced[]

† - The Trenton Titans are no longer members of the Western/National Conference. They moved to the American Conference prior to the 2005-06 ECHL season.