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A view of West Springfield.

West Springfield is a city of about 28,000 people in western Massachusetts, United States. It is a part of the Springfield, Massachusetts metropolitan area.

Until the 1990's, this city housed the headquarters of the American Hockey League, which is now housed in neighboring Springfield.

The Eastern States Coliseum was home to the Springfield Indians franchise for much of their existance until the Springfield Civic Center (now MassMutual Center) opened in 1972

West Springfield hosted the AHL All Star Game during the 1959-1960 AHL season, which was held in December 10, 1959.


  1. (Canadian-American Hockey League, 1926-1933) folded 13 games into season
  2. (Canadian-American Hockey League, 1935-1936) joins IAHL
  3. (International-American Hockey League, 1936-1940) see AHL
  4. (AHL, 1940-1942) suspend operations until the end of the war due to arena being used for war effort
  5. (AHL, 1946-1951) become Syracuse Warriors, moved back in 1954
  6. (Eastern Amateur Hockey League, 1951-1953) join Quebec Hockey League
  7. (Quebec Hockey League, 1953-1954) disbanded when Syracuse Warriors come back to Springfield
  8. (AHL, 1954-1967) renamed Kings when affiliation changes


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