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1956-57 Wembley Lions

The Wembley Lions were a hockey team in London, England.

The team were founded in 1934 but showed a continuity with the London Lions team which had played at various venues since 1924. The Wembley team were based at the newly built Empire Pool which they shared with the Wembley Monarchs until 1950.

The team entered the English National League, winning it in 1935-36 and 1936-37. After a break during World War II, they returned and again topped the league in 1951-52. In 1954, Lions joined the new British National League, which they won this championship in 1956/7. The League collapsed in 1960, and faced with the prospect of no regular league matches, the team folded.

Inspired by the success of Brighton Tigers, who had continued to play without a league, Lions reformed in 1963 to play friendly matches and continued until 1968.

One of their most notable players was James Robertson Justice, better known as an actor, who tended goal for a season.