Warroad, Minnesota

A view of Warroad.

Warroad is a native village of Minnesota, United States. It has a population of 1,722.

Hockey in WarroadEdit

Warroad has been a hockey town for a long time; in fact, it has been the orioginal Hockeytown for some 50 years, before Detroit began using the title late in the 1990's [1]. The city has been, for over 35 years, Warroad has been the home of the Christian Brother's Hockey Sticks company.

Warroad hosted the 1994 Allan Cup Final, becoming the 2nd US city to host the event and the smallest city ever to host the event


  1. States-Dominion Hockey League, 1946-1949
  2. Northwest Hockey League, 1950-1957
  3. Minnesota-Ontario Hockey League, 1957-1964
  4. Manitoba Intermediate 'AA' Hockey League, 1964-1965 limited schedule, entered Thunder Bay Senior Playoffs as an independent team
  5. Manitoba Senior Hockey League, 1965-1971 join Canadian Central Hockey League
  6. Canadian Central Hockey League, 1971-1974 withdrew at start of 1974-75 season, join Manitoba Eastern Hockey League
  7. Manitoba Eastern Hockey League, 1974-1977 join Manitoba Assiniboine Hockey League
  8. Manitoba Assiniboine Hockey League, 1977-1979 join Central Amateur Senior Hockey League
  9. Central Amateur Senior Hockey League, 1979-1984 join South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League
  10. South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League, 1984-1990) join Central Amateur Senior Hockey League
  11. Central Amateur Senior Hockey League, 1990-1991 go independent until 1994 when join South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League
  12. South Eastern Manitoba Hockey League,1994-1995
  13. Independent 1995-1996
  14. Hanover Tache Hockey League, 1997-1998 franchise folded due to lack of a league to play in


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