A view of Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is a city of Virginia, United States. Home to a population of 535,619, Virginia Beach is a popular touristic destination as a resort, with miles of beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Hockey in Virginia Beach[edit | edit source]

A proposed privately owned and operated 18,000 seat arena has been in the planning and financing stage for a couple of years.  The arena would be used to attempt to attract an NHL or AHL hockey team to the area as well as possibly a National Basketball Association team.  The Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Virginia combined statistical area is the 37th largest metropolitan area in the United States (as of the 2010 Census. It is the second largest metropolitan area in the US without a "big four" sports team, with Austin, Texas being the largest. The area has hosted both American Hockey League and ECHL teams being based out of the nearby Norfolk Scope.

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