Can you take a look at the pages Sackville and Sackville, Nova Scotia. The Sackville, Nova Scotia page redirects to Sackville, New Brunswick. I think an administrator has to unlink the pages. Thanks.

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An apology... Four years in the making

Hello there.

This has in all likelihood been a long time coming, but since I only recently jogged my memory on your site, it was put off until now. I would like to sincerely apologize for my actions on here all those years ago - I’ve come to realize they were uncalled for at worst and unhelpful at best. But instead of just proffering a rudimentary “I’m sorry” apology and leaving it that, I am going to delve a little deeper and address many of the issues that led to the continual acrimony and my intractability

When I joined the website back in 2010, I was a novice who had only recently become acquainted with the wonderful world of hockey research. I spent many hours in the months leading up to my registration researching the sport around the world. However, I also went about the process hastily - you could say I was almost blinded by excitement - and thus much of my early work (including those “country profiles”; which have since been overhauled elsewhere) was incomplete or riddled with typos and other errors.

And that’s another thing, with the desire I had to work and move with such fervent zeal, I was intransigent about receiving advice to assist in ameliorating many of the mistakes I was making. So instead of heeding and noting it (even if I still feel it was doled out a tad too firmly), I mostly disregarded it and went about my editing much as I had before. I also realize now that the mass copying from Wikipedia (especially considering the articles were ill-formatted as I was incorrectly removing “all” internal links after initially linking “back” to WP incorrectly), and the constant stream of other short, poorly-constructed articles I spewed out, were not conducive to improving the project.

As time wore on, I came to acquire adminship on several other Wikia projects with relative ease, as they were small wikis which had little in the way of administration crews. Thus, this planted a problematic seed in my head - I wanted to become an admin on the IHW also, even though, looking back on it, I was clearly ill-qualified for the position considering all my failings. I also exacerbated matters by not simply accepting the “no” verdict, and I perpetually campaigned for an alteration to it, in a most bothersome and disagreeable manner, while failing to abide by the “actions speak louder than words” principle in the first place. I am sorry for that also.

By the summer of 2011, I had left the wiki, deciding a fresh start elsewhere would be beneficial. I began to edit voraciously on Wikipedia, and having become more seasoned and experienced at both the research and the editing game, I managed to avoid many of the mistakes I made on IHW and was also successful in avoiding disputes with other editors. I have gone on to make over 8,000 edits ( ) on WP while maintaining a clean block log. If anything, I hope that proves that I’m not out to make trouble and take researching seriously.

Now regarding the Derek Krestanovich page that led to my one year ban. I was truthfully shocked when I learned I’d been blocked, as I hadn’t made any significant edits in months, and was even more puzzled when I discovered the reason behind it, as I had no recollection of creating the article and certainly didn’t intentionally sabotage it. So I looked into past revision on Wikipedia, and found I had erroneously copied a vandalized form of the page. Here’s a diff for proof: Now it was still my fault for failing to ensure the veracity of the information when I copied the page, and I understand why it was perceived as intentional deceit and was the “last straw” given all the previous issues I’d caused, but I assure you it was not planned or intended.

I also noted that a new wiki I created, originally entitled “Ice Hockey Wiki”, was the subject of past discussions on here. The site no longer exists, but has been re-vamped as the International Hockey Wiki ( ). I have spent countless hours working on the wiki, and it contains a plethora of rare information not found anywhere else online, but it is in no way intended to compete or infringe upon the Ice Hockey Wiki, as its primary focus is on European, Asian, and worldwide competitions, with nearly all the data being derived from Wikipedia or my personal efforts. I also hope this once again shows my dedication to careful and meticulous research, unlike in the past.

I am addressing and sending this message to DMighton, Fanofpucks, and Yannzgob - as you were the three admins on the wiki and those whom I corresponded with most often, and who I feel are most deserving of receiving my apologies and hearing my penitence, though I also extend them to HockeyAl, Ilamb94, and the wiki as a whole. I have no intention of returning to the project on any significant level, as I am busy both with my other research endeavors and real life, but I hope to have the chance to atone for some of my past editing follies (such as by upgrading the country pages) and make the odd constructive edit when time and motivation are sufficient.

If you desire further answers, have more questions, or require any additional clarification, please let me know. I wish you a Happy Holiday season.


--Hockeyben (talk - contribs) 18:23, December 27, 2014 (UTC)

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