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Hi I'm Fanofpucks.

I am very interested in the history of Canadian amateur hockey prior to 1971.

It is a fascinating and often overlooked period of hockey history. Most of the concentration is on the National Hockey League. But during that period every province and most cities, towns, and even villages had teams competing for the Allan Cup and the Memorial Cup. It was a really unifying force in Canada.

Senior hockey started dying out in the 1950's, mostly because of television. People all over the country could see on their TV's major league hockey so their local teams seemed minor by comparison.

I have been trying to compile the records of the teams in the senior, intermediate, junior, and intercollegiate levels. I have thousands of articles here in the wiki. They can mostly be found in five separate categories: Allan Cup, Memorial Cup, Hardy Cup, Ontario Hockey Association, and Canadian Interuniversity Sport.

Most of my material comes from newspaper microfilms and digital archives. I live in Toronto, so I have access to the great resources in the Toronto Public Library. But I still have some holes: most notably in New Brunswick, northern Saskatchewan, Timmins, Thunder Bay, and Edmonton.

Feel free to contact me to chat about hockey history.

Fanofpucks 19:18, 22 November 2008 (UTC)