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"Blue Devils" is the name of the sports teams of the University of King's College, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are now in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association, which has not operated a hockey league since 1987. The University of King's College was formerly a member of the Maritime Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA), now known as Atlantic University Sport (AUS), from its inception in 1919-20 until their hockey program folded in 1948.

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Senior Seasons[edit | edit source]

1925-26 HCL Season - combined with Dalhousie

University Seasons[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Conference started with 3 teams in the west (Acadia, Mount Allison, and New Brunswick) and 2 teams in the east (St. Francis-Xavier and King's College).

1919-20 MIAA Season
1920-21 MIAA Season * Dalhousie added to east
1921-22 MIAA Season
1922-23 MIAA Season * divisional results not available
1923-24 MIAA Season * Nova Scotia Tech added to east
1924-25 MIAA Season * results not available
1925-26 MIAA Season * Dalhousie did not compete
1926-27 MIAA Season * divisional results not available
1927-28 MIAA Season * divisional results not available
1928-29 MIAA Season * Acadia and Dalhousie did not compete
1929-30 MIAA Season * Saint Mary's added and King's and NST deleted from east
did not compete from 1930-31 to 1939-40
1940-41 MIAA Season * Acadia, SDU, and Mt. A. did not compete, King's College added to east
1941-42 MIAA Season * only SFX, SMU, and Acadia competed
1942-43 MIAA Season * only SFX and SMU competed
1943-44 MIAA Season * only SFX, SMU, and Acadia competed
1944-45 MIAA Season no competition

NOTE: The teams entering the post-war era were: West: New Brunswick, Mount Allison, St. Joseph's, St. Dunstan's, and St. Thomas; East: Acadia, SFX, Saint Mary's, King's College, Nova Scotia Tech, and Dalhousie

1945-46 MIAA Season * St. Thomas and Acadia did not compete, St. Joseph's final season
1946-47 MIAA Season * east divisional results not available
1947-48 MIAA Season * King's did not compete again, west divisional results not available

College Seasons[edit | edit source]

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ACAA - 1968

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