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The Twin Rivers Senior Hockey League is a men's Senior A hockey league based in north-central Saskatchewan north of Saskatoon.  The league was established for the 2016-17 season.  The league was announced as being an attempt to bring back real grass roots hockey, made up of local players who have a real genuine love for the game.  The call was put out by the Warman Wildcats for any and all players interested in playing senior hockey to come out for try outs.

The league was announced in mid-September 2016.  The Warman Wildcats joined from the Fort Carlton Senior Hockey League.  The Rosthern Wheat Kings joined from the Wheatland Senior Hockey League and the Birch Hills Blackhawks joined from the Beaver Lakes Hockey League.  The league was also announced with teams from Clavet (Cougars), Cudworth, St. Louis, and Vonda, Saskatchewan.  A second team from Dalmeny (Dalmeny Sabers) will be a member of the league (not the present team (Dalmeny Fury) from the Fort Carlton Senior Hockey League.

On January 5, 2017 it was announced that the Vonda Chiefs had decided to discontinue playing in the league.  The team's games were considered forfeits including the one's already played (and those stats deleted).  The league decided to use a 18/16 multiplier/divider to determine the league scoring champion as the North Division teams would now have two fewer games played than the South Division.[1]

For the 2017-18 season the league added the Aberdeen Knights, Hague Royals, and the Waldheim Warriors.


Team Centre Arena
Aberdeen Knights Aberdeen Aberdeen Rec Complex
Birch Hills Blackhawks Birch Hills Birch Hills Skating Rink
Clavet Cougars Clavet Clavet Arena
Cudworth Tricky Maroons Cudworth Cudworth Arena
Dalmeny Sabers Dalmeny Dalmeny Arena
Hague Royals Hague Hague Arena
Rosthern Wheat Kings Rosthern Rosthern Jubilee Sports Centre
Shellbrook Silvertips Shellbrook Shellbrook Skating Arena
Waldheim Warriors Waldheim Waldheim Recreation Centre Arena
Warman Wildcats Warman Warman Diamond Arena &
Legends Centre Arena

Timeline of Teams[]

Team Centre Arena Tenure Notes
Birch Hills Blackhawks Birch Hills, Saskatchewan Birch Hills Skating Rink 2016-present
Clavet Cougars Clavet, Saskatchewan Clavet Arena 2016-present
Cudworth Tricky Maroons Cudworth, Saskatchewan Cudworth Arena 2016-present
Dalmeny Sabers Dalmeny, Saskatchewan Dalmeny Arena 2016-present
Rosthern Wheat Kings Rosthern, Saskatchewan Rosthern Jubilee Sports Centre 2016-present
St. Louis Sr. Blues St. Louis, Saskatchewan St. Louis Skating Rink 2016-2019 withdrew
Vonda Chiefs Vonda, Saskatchewan Vonda Memorial Rink 2016-2017 withdrew January 5, 2017
Warman Wildcats Warman, Saskatchewan Warman Diamond Arena & Warman Diamond Rodeo Arena 2016-present
Aberdeen Knights Aberdeen, Saskatchewan Aberdeen Rec Complex 2017-present
Hague Royals Hague, Saskatchewan Hague Arena 2017-present
Waldheim Warriors Waldheim, Saskatchewan Waldheim Recreation Centre Arena 2017-present
Shellbrook Silvertips Shellbrook, Saskatchewan Shellbrook Skating Arena 2019-present


Season Regular Season Champion Playoff Champion
2016-17 Rosthern Wheat Kings St. Louis Sr. Blues
2017-18 Rosthern Wheat Kings Birch Hills Blackhawks
2018-19 Rosthern Wheat Kings Warman Wildcats
2019-20 Birch Hills Blackhawks Final cancelled after 1 game



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