Turkish Ice Hockey Women's League
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Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2007
No. of teams 11
Country(ies) Flag of TurkeyTurkey
Most recent champion(s) Milenyum SK
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The Turkish Ice Hockey Women’s League is a women’s semi-professional ice hockey league in Turkey. It is operated under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation, a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Each team is allowed to carry 2 import players per season. The season typically starts in late November – early December and finishes in April.

The 2009-2010 season consists of 11 teams split up into three groups; Orta (Center) A and B consisting of teams from Ankara whereas the Marmara + Doğu (East) group consists of teams from Istanbul, İzmit and Erzurum.

Champion of the league qualifies for the IIHF European Women’s Champion Cup.

IIHF European Women’s Champion CupEdit

2009 League Champions Milenyum SK traveled to the Czech Republic to compete in the first round of the European Women’s Champion Cup in November. The winner of each group qualifies for the next round.

2009 Group C EWCC Final Standings[1]

Team Country W L PTS
Slavia Prague Flag of the Czech Republic 3 0 9
Terme Maribor Flag of Slovenia 216
MHK Martin Flag of Slovakia 1 2 3
Milenyum SK Flag of Turkey 0 3 0

2010 League Champions Milenyum SK will be hosting the first round of the European Women’s Champion Cup in November 2010. The winner of each group qualifies for the next round.

2010 Group B EWCC[2]

Team Country
Aisulu Almaty Flag of Kazakhstan
Les Bruleurs de Loups Flag of France
Terme Maribor Flag of Slovenia
Milenyum SK Flag of Turkey

2009-2010 Teams[3]Edit

Orta (Center) A Group

ClubHome townArena
Milenyum SKAnkaraBel-Pa
Başkent Yıldızları SKAnkaraBel-Pa
Ankara University SKAnkaraBel-Pa
ABBA SKAnkaraBel-Pa

Orta (Center) B Group

ClubHome townArena
Polis Akademisi SKAnkaraBel-Pa
ODTÜ Spor KulübüAnkaraBel-Pa
Truva Paten Spor KulübüAnkaraBel-Pa
Başkent İl Müdürlüğü SKAnkaraBel-Pa

Marmara + Doğu (East) C Group

ClubHome townArena
ATAK SKIstanbulIstanbul Ice Arena
Erzurum Gençlik SKErzurumErzurum GSIM Ice Arena
Erzurum Polis Gücü SK Erzurum Erzurum GSIM Ice Arena
Kocaeli B.B. KağıtIzmitKocaeli


Season Champion Runner Up
2006–2007 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt
2007–2008 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Milenyum Paten
2008–2009 Milenyum SK Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2009–2010 Milenyum SK Ankara University SK

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