Turkish Ice Hockey Super League
2009-10 TBHSL season
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Sport Ice hockey
Founded 1993
No. of teams 8
Country(ies) Flag of Turkey Turkey
Most recent champion(s) Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
Official website www.tbhf.org.tr

The Turkish Ice Hockey Super League (Turkish: Türkiye Buz Hokeyi Süper Ligi; TBHSL for short) is the top level of ice hockey in Turkey. It was created in 1993 and is under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation, member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

History[edit | edit source]

The league was created in 1993 in order to foster competition among the various Turkish clubs that existed but were without a league. It was the descendant of a tournament held in 1992.

Büyükşehir Belediyesi Ankara Spor Kulübü is the most crowned team of the league, with seven titles. Polis Akademisi ve Koleji follows with six titles.

2008-09 teams[edit | edit source]

Team Home Arena Founded Last season
Anka spor.png Anka Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 2004 3.
Baskent Yildizlari spor.jpg Başkent Yıldızları Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 1998 4.
Ankaraspor.svg.png Büyükşehir Belediyesi Ankara Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 1978 6.
Istanbul paten spor.png İstanbul Paten Spor Kulübü İstanbul Galleria 1987 5.
Istanbul TED spor.png İstanbul TED Kolejliler Spor Kulübü İstanbul Galleria 2000 Promoted from Division 1
Kocaeli BB Kagit Spor.jpg Kocaeli Büyükşehir Belediyesi Kağıt Spor Kulübü İzmit Kocaeli 2000 1.
Polis Akademisi Spor.jpg Polis Akademisi ve Koleji Ankara Bel-Pa 1996 2.
TED ankara spor.png TED Ankara Kolejliler Spor Kulübü Ankara Bel-Pa 1954 7.

Past champions[edit | edit source]

Turkey Hockey Logo2.png TBHSL champions
Season Winner
1992-93 Ankara B.B.
1993-94 Ankara B.B.
1994-95 Ankara B.B.
1995-96 Kavaklıdere Belediyesi
1996-97 Ankara B.B.
1997-98 İstanbul Paten S.K.
1998-99 Gümüş Patenler
1999-00 Ankara B.B.
2000-01 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2001-02 Ankara B.B.
2002-03 Ankara B.B.
2003-04 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2004-05 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2005-06 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2006-07 Kocaeli B.B. Kağıtspor
2007-08 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2008-09 Polis Akademisi ve Koleji
2009-10 Ankara University SK

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