For the current junior team please see Truro Bearcats (junior).

The Truro Bearcats were a junior team that competed in the 1930's. The team was also referred to as the Truro Bearcat Cubs to distinguish from the senior team playing in town.

In 1931 the team entered the 1930-31 Maritimes Junior Playoffs losing in the Maritimes semifinal round.

They would enter the 1931-32 Maritimes Junior Playoffs losing in the Nova Scotia semifinal round.

They entered the 1934-35 Nova Scotia Junior Playoffs as an independent winning the provincial championship and losing in the final of the 1934-35 Maritimes Junior Playoffs.

They would lose in the semifinals of the 1935-36 Nova Scotia Junior Playoffs.

Other junior teams in the town around the same time had the name of Truro Arrows and Truro Lions that also entered Nova Scotia provincial and Maritimes junior playoffs as independent teams.

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