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The Torriani Award is given annually by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to an ice hockey player with an "outstanding career from non-top hockey nation". It was inaugurated in 2015, and is awarded alongside the annual IIHF Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Ice Hockey World Championships. It is named for Bibi Torriani, who played internationally for the Switzerland men's national ice hockey team.[1][2]

When the award was first announced, IIHF president René Fasel was quoted as saying; "we wanted to create a trophy which honours players for a great international career irrespective of where they played. Nowadays, with NHL players and international players often being the same, we feel that there are so many top players to honour. Still, we wanted to ensure we recognized players who didn’t necessarily win Olympic and World Championship medals but who still had remarkable careers. As a result, we created the Torriani Award, and Lucio Topatigh is a very worthy first recipient".[1]


Name Country Year
Topatigh, LucioLucio Topatigh Flag of Italy Italy 2015[1]
Ocskay, GáborGábor Ocskay Flag of Hungary Hungary 2016[3]
Hand, TonyTony Hand Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain 2017[4]
Damgaard, JesperJesper Damgaard Flag of Denmark Denmark 2018[5]
Mihailov, KonstantinKonstantin Mihailov Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 2019[2]
Berteling, RonRon Berteling Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 2020[6]

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