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Too many men on the ice is a bench penalty in ice hockey called when a team has more than the legal number of players (six, including the goalie, if not already short handed) on the ice at one time. This term is normally used even in women's ice hockey, although occasionally the word men may be replaced by players. The penalty for the infraction is two minutes in the penalty box served by the player chosen by the offending coach from one of his players on the ice at the time of the infraction.

This penalty is most commonly seen during a "line change", when teams are switching players off and replacements are coming on. If either the player entering, or the player exiting, plays the puck while the other is on the ice, the penalty is called. If the incoming or outgoing player is accidentally struck by the puck, it is not an infraction. In the NHL, substitution is allowed when the outgoing player is within 5 feet/1.5 metres of their bench.[1]


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