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Tom Fowler (born May 18, 1924) was a Canadian professional ice hockey centreman who played 24 games in the National Hockey League with the Chicago Black Hawks in 1946-47. He was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

He played junior hockey for the Winnipeg Monarchs, Rangers, and Esquires from 1941 to 1944 and senior for the Winnipeg Navy in 1944-45.

Fowler turned pro in 1945-46 with the Kansas City Pla-Mors of the United States League (USHL). He scored 12 goals and 33 assists, good enough to get him a callup to the Chicago Black Hawks. With the Hawks in 1946-47, he played in 24 games and only scored 1 assist.

He returned to the USHL until 1949 when he played for the Los Angeles Monarchs in the Pacific Coast Hockey League, winning both Most Valuable Player and First All Star honours. When the Monarchs folded, Fowler followed most of his teamates to the Toronto St Michaels Monarchs who played in the OHA Major League.

After these Monarchs also folded, Fowler played for the Saskatoon Quakers. His last season was 1952-53 when he scored 25 goals and 58 assists in only 32 games for the Moose Jaw Millers of the Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League. He was named to the First All Star team.

Awards and achievements[]

  • PCHL Southern First All-Star Team (1949)
  • PCHL Southern Division MVP (1949)
  • SSHL First All-Star Team (1953)

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