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The Cutting Edge film series consists of American sports-romance films, including one theatrical film and three made-for-television movies which were later released straight-to-home video media. Based on characters and an original story written by Tony Gilroy, the plot centers around the unlikely pairing of differing ice sports athletes, for Olympic title pairs figure skating. Beginning as nothing more than argumentative team collaborations, the featured couples become romantically involved.

The first film, characterized as a romantic comedy in genre, was met with mixed critical reception. The acting was praised, though some identified the mashup of genres as jarring while stating, "There is essentially not an original moment in the entire film, and yet it's skillfully made and well-acted."[1]

The three made-for-television sequels, which are categorically romantic dramas, were met with varying degrees of mixed critical reception with a common critique being that they are derivatives of the original film. Going for the Gold was criticized for being "geared toward teens", while being praised for the leads;[2][3] Chasing the Dream was praised for being "actually kind of fun", with positive reception for Francia Raisa's acting and the film's direction, choreography, and cinematography;[4][5] while the final installment, Fire and Ice, was met with mixed reception: criticism pointed at being perceived as a cash-grab, while praise was received for believable on-screen chemistry between the leads and for a "touching story".[6][7]


Film U.S. release date Director Screenwriter(s) Story by Producer(s)
The Cutting Edge March 27, 1992 (1992-03-27) Paul Michael Glaser Tony Gilroy Robert W. Cort, Ted Field and Karen Murphy
The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold March 12, 2006 (2006-03-12) Sean McNamara Dan Berendsen David Brookwell, Sean McNamara, David Buelow and David Grace
The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream March 16, 2008 (2008-03-16) Stuart Gillard Randall Badat Susan Estelle Jansen & Randall Badat Irene Litinsky
The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice March 14, 2010 (2010-03-14) Stephen Herek Holly Brix

The Cutting Edge (1992)[]

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Talented and confident figure-skating prodigy Kate Moseley is denied a gold medal at the 1988 Olympics, after missing her footing and taking a fall. In the following months, as she drives away partner after partner, her coach named Anton searches for a replacement so that she will be ready for the next Olympic games. Anton decides to attempt to pair her with an unorthodoxed teammate; an arrogant former-Olympic hockey star named, Doug Dorsey. Reluctantly working together, they soon realize that the two athletes had briefly encountered years before. The duo's combative collaboration begins to turn into chemistry. As they grow closer in the rink, their relationship becomes romantic in their personal lives.[8]

The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold (2006)[]

Jackie Dorsey is the daughter of 1992 Winter Olympics Gold medalists, Kate Moseley and Doug Dorsey. Growing up under their tutelage, Jackie develops dreams of her own and decides that she will compete and win her own Olympic gold medal. Her dreams seem to come to an abrupt end, after suffering a career threatening injury. As she recovers and strives to overcome her traumatic experience, she is paired with a new skating partner named Alex Harrison. Talented in his own right, the couple find that their respective stubbornness and pride creates a difficult environment. As they begin to trust each other, their relationship changes and becomes romantic in nature. Working together their dreams of becoming Olympic champions, gets closer to becoming a reality.[3]

The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream (2008)[]

When the talented pairs figure-skater Zack Conroy is tasked with finding a new partner, due to his current collaborater suffering an injury, he discovers the talented female-hockey player Alejandra Delgado. Delgado who has experience in the sport, though she to give up figure skating at a younger age due to the fact that her parents could no longer afford the lessons, proves to be a quick learner. The couple work through their differences, to improve their chemistry in the rink. With the help of Coach Jackie Dorsey, Zack and Alex strive to reach their goals, while trying to not fall in love with each other in the process.[5]

The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice (2010)[]

The career of figure skating all-star, Alejandra "Alex" Delgado, comes to a standstill after her partner and boyfriend, Zack Conroy, suffered an injury. As their athletic relationship diminishes, so too does their relationship. Following their breakup and experiencing heartbreak, Alex turns to working as an ice skating teacher. Her competitive nature and passion for pairs figure skating rekindles, when an unexpected opportunity arises. Egotistical "bad boy" of speed skating James McKinsey, whose uncontrolled personal life gets him banned from the national team, works with his promotion team to start a career in pairs figure skating. Tempted by the chance at another world title, Alex agrees to work with him. Initial practices prove that their personalities are opposites, though their work-ethic is a match. As they become more familiar with each other, their argumentative clashes escalate until their tumultuous determination becomes personal. As their relationship becomes romantic, they work even harder to reach their life's goals of a championship title.[7]

Main cast and characters[]

Character Films
The Cutting Edge The Cutting Edge:
Going for the Gold
The Cutting Edge:
Chasing the Dream
The Cutting Edge:
Fire and Ice
Doug Dorsey D. B. Sweeney Scott Thompson Baker  
Kate Moseley-Dorsey Moira Kelly Stepfanie Kramer  
Jaclyn "Jackie" Dorsey   Christy Carlson Romano  
Alex Harrison   Ross Thomas  
Zach Conroy   Matt Lanter Referenced
Alexandra "Alex" Delgado   Francia Raisa
James McKinsey   Brendan Fehr

Additional crew and production details[]

Film Crew/Detail
Composer Cinematographer Editor(s) Production
Running time
The Cutting Edge Patrick Williams Elliot Davis Michael E. Polakow Interscope Communications Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 96 minutes
The Cutting Edge:
Going for the Gold
John Coda Mark Doering–Powell Jeff W. Canavan First Family Entertainment,
Brookwell McNamara Entertainment,
MGM Television
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment,
ABC Family
94 minutes
The Cutting Edge:
Chasing the Dream
Robert Duncan Pierre Jodoin James R. Symons MGM Television Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment,
ABC Family,
The CW Network
92 minutes
The Cutting Edge:
Fire and Ice
Bennett Salvay Seth Flaum & Anthony Markward ABC Family Original Movies,
MGM Television,
Muse Entertainment Enterprises
ABC Family,
Disney–ABC Domestic Television
87 minutes


Box office and financial performance[]

Film Box office gross Box office ranking Video
sales gross
Budget Ref.
North America Other territories Worldwide All-time
North America
North America
The Cutting Edge $25,105,517 N/A $25,105,517 #3,319 #4,585 information not available information not available [9][10][11]
The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A information not available $3,000,000 [12]
The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A information not available information not available
The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A information not available information not available
Totals $25,105,517 25,105,517 x̅ 829[lower-alpha 1] x̅ 1,146[lower-alpha 2] >$3,000,000
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Critical and public response[]

Film Rotten Tomatoes CinemaScore
The Cutting Edge 56% (34 reviews)[1] A-[2]
The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold N/A[3] N/A
The Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream N/A[4] N/A
The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice N/A[5] N/A


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