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Big Hat

The Big Hat is an indoor ice hockey arena in Nagano, Japan with a capacity of 10,104 seated spectators. Its official name is the "Nagano City Wakasato Tamokuteki Sports Arena". The arena was completed and officially opened on December 10, 1995. The ice hockey games from the 1998 Winter Olympics were held at this arena. The rink still serves as the location of the Nagano Cup, an annual ice hockey tournament held to commemorate the 1998 games, as well as many short track speed skating competitions. The Wakasato hall in the complex features a stage and theater seating, and frequently serves as a venue for music recitals and public meetings.


Preceded by
Fjellhallen and Håkons Hall
Host of the
Olympic ice hockey tournament

with Aqua Wing Arena

Succeeded by
E Center and Peaks Ice Arena