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The Telus Cup Central Regional formerly the Air Canada Cup Central Regional is the final qualifying round for the Telus Cup. The tournament presently involves Alliance Hockey, the Eastern, Greater Toronto Hockey League, Great North Midget Hockey League, Ontario East Midget Hockey League, and South-Central Triple A Hockey League. A host team also qualifies for the tournament.

The first tournament was held in 1984 when the then Air Canada Cup was reduced from a twelve team tournament with each branch under Hockey Canada's jurisdiction sending one representative to the tournament to a host team and five regional qualifiers participating in the national championship tournament.


Year Champion Air Canada/Telus Cup Result
1984 Ottawa West Golden Knights AAA 5th place
1985 Toronto Red Wings 5th place
1986 Toronto Red Wings Silver Medal
1987 Sudbury Burgess 4th place
1988 Oshawa Kiwanis 4th place
1989 Wexford Raiders AAA Bronze Medal
1990 Toronto Red Wings 5th place
1991 Hamilton Huskies 6th place
1992 Mississauga Blackhawks 4th place
1993 Sault Ste. Marie Legion Bronze Medal
1994 Sudbury Capitals 4th place
1995 Wexford Raiders AAA 4th place
1996 New Liskeard Cubs 6th place
1997 New Liskeard Cubs Silver Medal
1998 Don Mills Flyers 6th place
1999 Sault Ste. Marie North Stars 6th place
2000 Richmond Hill Stars 5th place
2001 Toronto Young Nationals Bronze Medal
2002 Timmins Majors 5th place
2003 Waterloo Wolves 5th place
2004 Toronto Marlboros AAA 6th place
2005 Don Mills Flyers 4th place
2006 Toronto Jr. Canadiens AAA 4th place
2007 Sault Ste. Marie North Stars 6th place
2008 Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves Gold Medal
2009 Hamilton Reps 6th place
2010 Mississauga Reps Silver Medal
2011 London Jr. Knights Silver Medal
2012 Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves 6th place
2013 Ottawa Jr. 67's Silver Medal
2014 Toronto Young Nationals 4th place
2015 Toronto Young Nationals Gold Medal
2016 North York Rangers AAA Gold Medal
2017 Mississauga Rebels Bronze Medal
2018 Toronto Young Nationals 4th place
2019 Toronto Young Nationals Gold Medal
2020 Event cancelled by Hockey Canada March 13th
2021 Event cancelled by Hockey Canada February 5th
2022 Mississauga Reps TBD

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