Edwin Dey

Edwin Dey, circa 1900

Edwin Peter "Ted" Dey (April 21, 1864 - April 15, 1943) was a boat-builder, ice arena owner, and hockey team owner. He was an owner of the Ottawa Senators men's ice hockey club from 1917 until 1923. He and his brothers Frank Edgar Dey and William Ernest Dey built the various Dey's Arenas where the Senators played until 1922–23.

Born in Hull, Quebec, Ted Dey was one of three brothers and two sisters born to Joseph Dey and Annie Buckley. His father was a boat-builder in Ottawa. The brothers, William, Frank and Ted followed their father into the boat-building business. The business, now named "Dey Brothers" had a boat works on the Rideau Canal at Theodore Street, where they built small boats and canoes for racing. The Dey brothers built their first indoor skating rink next to the boat works in 1884. The brothers would also become involved in the new sport of ice hockey at their rink. Ted Dey himself played games for the Ottawa Hockey Club (as the Senators were then known) in 1887, 1889 and 1890. The rink would also become home to its own team the 'Dey's Rink Pirates', founding members of the Ottawa City Senior League in 1890.

The building of the Canada Atlantic Railway meant the demolition of the boat works in 1895. The brothers built a new boat works at Patterson Creek and Bank Street, and a new skating rink at Bay Street and Gladstone Avenue. The Dey's Skating Rink was the location of the first Stanley Cup win for the Ottawa Hockey Club. A third arena was built near the original skating rink, on the opposite bank of the Rideau Canal, and was known as The Arena, opening in 1907. The second skating rink was eventually demolished in 1920 after a fire, and the third rink in 1927 after its lease for the land expired.

Dey was owner of the Ottawas', (by then known as the Senators) home arena, The Arena in 1917, when he first bought a share of the hockey club, along with Martin Rosenthal and Tommy Gorman, the total purchase price being $15,000. In 1919, he forced Rosenthal out and became majority owner. During his ownership, the Senators won three Stanley Cups, in 1920, 1921 and 1923. After the 1923 championship, Dey sold his ownership of the club and retired. He went to live in New York city, and eventually moved to British Columbia.

Dey is credited with the use of the red light to indicate a goal, ending the practice of the goal judge waving a handkerchief. At The Arena in Ottawa during World War I, he and Stanley Lewis attached red flashlights at the ends of the rinks. This was later electrified with a switch for the goal judge to turn on red lamps.


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