Takahito Suzuki (in Japanese: 鈴木 貴人, Suzuki Takahito) (b. August 17th 1975 in Japan) is a professional forward who plays in the Asia League for the Nikko Kobe Icebucks.

Suzuki played college hockey with the Augustana University College in 1996-97. He then returned to Japan to play for Kokudo Ice Hockey Team. In 2002-03, he attempted to play pro hockey in North America, signing with the Charlotte Checkers. He did well, scoring 24 goals and 25 assists in 72 games, totals good enough for him to be the fourth top scorer and third best goal scorer of the Checkers. However, the North American adventure didn't go beyond that season and he prompty returned in Japan with Kokudo, for which he would play until the team folded in 2009. In 2009-10, he joined the Icebucks as a free agent.

Suzuki captains the Japanese National Team.

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