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TUTO Hockey
TuTo Hockey logo.png
City Turku, Finland
League Mestis
Founded 1929 Turun Toverit
1988 TuTo Hockey
2011 TUTO Hockey
Home arena Kupittaan jäähalli (capacity 2,875)
Owner(s) TUTO Hockey Oy
General manager Roope Paltta
Head coach Miika Elomo
Captain Jere Karlsson
Farm club(s) HC Indians Kaarina


TUTO Hockey [1] (Turun Toverit) is a Finnish ice hockey team based at the Kupittaan jäähalli (capacity 2,875, inauguration on November 2006). Established in 1929, TUTO plays in Turku, Finland, and is one of two clubs in that city (the other being TPS of Liiga). The Full name of the club is TUTO Hockey. They play in the second highest ice hockey league in Finland, Mestis, having been relegated out of SM-liiga in 1996 (four years before Liiga closed its promotion/relegation system).



Finnish cup[]

  • 1 Finnish Cup (ice hockey) (1): 2017


Current Roster[]

Updated December 7, 2017[2][3]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
31 Flag of Finland Pohjanoksa, JuliusJulius Pohjanoksa

G L 25 2017 Kaarina, Finland
34 Flag of Finland Ruusu, MarkusMarkus Ruusu

G L 23 2017 Jyväskylä, Finland
7 Flag of Finland Karlsson, JereJere Karlsson


D L 25 2016 Turku, Finland
23 Flag of Finland Helanto, AnttiAntti Helanto

D L 30 2017 Turku, Finland
32 Flag of Finland Haaranen, MatiasMatias Haaranen

D L 25 2017 Riihimäki, Finland
82 Flag of Finland Keinänen, AkiAki Keinänen

F R 37 2009 Kuopio, Finland
40 Flag of Finland Levo, MikkeMikke Levo

D L 26 2017 Orivesi, Finland
55 Flag of Finland Suominen, SamuSamu Suominen

D L 25 2016 Forssa, Finland
66 Flag of Finland Valtola, KalleKalle Valtola

D L 25 2016 Turku, Finland
89 Flag of Finland Virkki, AnssiAnssi Virkki

D L 32 2014 Savonlinna, Finland
9 Flag of Finland Lehtimäki, NiklasNiklas Lehtimäki

F L 26 2017 Kiukainen, Finland
13 Flag of Finland Näppi, NiklasNiklas Näppi

F L 28 2017 Eurajoki, Finland
15 Flag of Finland Hyvärinen, Mika-MattiMika-Matti Hyvärinen


F L 28 2015 Kuopio, Finland
24 Flag of Finland Arkiomaa, Eetu-VilleEetu-Ville Arkiomaa

F R 28 2017 Rauma, Finland
25 Flag of Finland Honkanen, ManuManu Honkanen

F L 25 2017 Turku, Finland
53 Flag of Finland Mäkelä, JuhoJuho Mäkelä

F L 25 2017 Huittinen, Finland
61 Flag of Finland Juusela, AkiAki Juusela

F L 30 2015 Rauma, Finland
63 Flag of Finland Wilenius, TomiTomi Wilenius

F R 28 2016 Nokia, Finland
70 Flag of Finland Virtanen, JuhoJuho Virtanen

F L 27 2016 Merimasku, Finland
73 Flag of Finland Lucenius, NiclasNiclas Lucenius


F L 32 2017 Turku, Finland
77 Flag of Finland Lehtonen, MatiasMatias Lehtonen

F L 26 2017 Turku, Finland
78 Flag of Finland Elfvengren, JohanJohan Elfvengren

F R 27 2017 Turku, Finland


Title Staff Member
General Manager Dani Aavinen
Team Manager & Director of Player Personnel Elmo Aittola
Head Coach Miika Elomo
Assistant Coach Marko Kiprusoff


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