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Sydney was a town of about 24,000 people in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was located on Cape Breton Island.

It is now part of the city of Cape Breton.


  1. (Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League, 1999-2000) revert to Junior Mills name
  2. (Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League, 2001-2003) renamed Canadians
  1. (Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League, 1992-1999) renamed Alpines
  2. Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League, 2000-2001) renamed Alpines again
  1. (Maritime Professional Hockey League, 1913-1914) join EPHL
  2. (Eastern Professional Hockey League, 1915-1915) withdrew
  3. (Antigonish-Pictou-Colchester Senior Hockey League, 1927-1930)
  4. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1937-1942)
  5. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1946-1950) join CBMHL
  6. (Cape Breton Major Hockey League, 1950-1951) join MMHL
  7. (Maritime Major Hockey League, 1951-1954) fold with league
  8. (Cape Breton Senior Hockey League, 1956-1965) play independent when league folds during season
  9. (Independent team, 1965) fold after finishing season
  10. (Eastern Junior A Hockey League, 1975-1980) join Northumberland Junior B Hockey League
  11. (Northumberland Junior B Hockey League, 1980-1986)


photo of Sydney Forum (date unknown)


Calder Cup[]