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The Eishockey Club Arosa is an ice hockey team based in Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland.

Founded in 1924, EHC Arosa enjoyed modest seasons before the 1950's, where it established itself as a dominating force in Swiss hockey. Following their archrivals HC Davos's decade-long dynasty in the 1940's, Arosa established it's own supremacy over Swiss hockey in the 1950, with a dyanasty of Swiss titles spanning from 1951 to 1957 inclusively. But their glorious days were soon followed by a dismal period which saw them being relegated in 1960 to the Nationalliga B, and then in 1967 to the 1.Liga.

Arosa needed a few seasons and then bounced back. In 1973 they returned to the NLB, and by 1977, they were once again an NLA team. Their ascension continued, as they won two more NLA titles in 1980 and 1982. But soon again, Arosa was forced to go down again, this time at their own choice. Indeed, with the rise of professionalism in Swiss hockey and the awkward location of the town of Arosa (in a very bendy region called Schanfiggs where the travels are not exactly an easy thing, making it tough for the fans to fill an arena that could keep the team's finances on par with that of the other pro teams), the Eishockey Club Arosa asked to be relegated to the 1.Liga in 1986, where they have been playing ever since (except for two brief stints in the 2.Liga).

A documentary, named "Arosa isch besser - vom Amateur- zum Profisport" (Arosa is the best - from Amateur to Professional) was released in 2008 to commemorate the "golden era" of EHC Arosa, from its last promotion to the NLA in 1976-77 to its voluntary relegation in 1986.

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The teams have remained unchanged from the previous season, as Lausanne HC were not successful in their attempt to promote to the National League A.

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Swiss hockey news
April 24th: EHC Biel defeats Lausanne HC and secures its place in the NLA for the 2010-11 NLA season.
April 24th: SC Bern defeats Genève-Servette GC 4-1 and become Swiss champions.
April 16th: National League A judge Reto Steinmann decided that the 4-2 win of EHC Biel over SCL Tigers on March 30th would be changed to a 5-0 forfeit win by Biel because Langnau iced one too many B-licence player.
April 10th: Lausanne HC meets EHC Biel in the NLA playouts.
April 3rd: Lausanne HC beats EHC Visp 4-0 and become NLB champions.
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