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The Sunshine Hockey League (SuHL) was a single A professional ice hockey league based in Florida, United States. The league existed from 1992 to 1995.


The 1992-93 season was SuHL's inaugural season. It was initially expected that four teams take part in the league's first season (the Daytona Beach Sun Devils, the Jacksonville Bullets, the Lakeland Ice Warriors and the West Palm Beach Blaze. A fifth team, the St. Petersburg Renegades, joined the league after the season was already under way. The first champion of the league was West Palm Beach, who defeated Jacksonville in the finals to win the Sunshine Cup.

1993-94 saw the number of participating teams drop back to four, with St. Petersburg folding. The main reason for this was the direct competition with the National Hockey League's Tampa Bay Lightning, located near St. Petersburg. The Lightning offered a higher level of play than the Renegades and eventually won the battle for fan support; a mere 889 people were showing up on average for Renegades home games.

A fifth team joined the league for the 1994-95 season, with the Fresno Falcons joining the league. The Californian team left the dying Pacific Southwest Hockey League and joined the league as a partial schedule opponent; they played 16 games in the league (i.e. four time against each team), whereas the other teams played about 50 games in the season.

In 1995, the league expanded outside of the Sunshine State and was renamed Southern Hockey League.


Team Location Arena Tenure Notes
Daytona Beach Sun Devils Daytona Beach, Florida Ocean Center 1992-1995 join Southern Hockey League (1995-1996)
Jacksonville Bullets Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville Coliseum 1992-1995 city gets East Coast Hockey League team; Jacksonville Lizard Kings
Lakeland Ice Warriors Lakeland, Florida Lakeland Center 1992-1995 join Southern Hockey League (1995-1996) as Lakeland Prowlers
St. Petersburg Renegades St. Petersburg, Florida Bayfront Arena 1992-1993 folded after 20 games
West Palm Beach Blaze West Palm Beach, Florida West Palm Beach Auditorium 1992-1995 join Southern Hockey League (1995-1996) as West Palm Beach Barracudas
Fresno Falcons (1970 - 1995) Fresno, California Selland Arena 1994-1995

join West Coast Hockey League as Fresno Falcons

Sunshine Cup championships[]

  • 1993:West Palm Beach Blaze (Jacksonville Bullets)
  • 1994:West Palm Beach Blaze ()
  • 1995:West Palm Beach Blaze ()

List of seasons[]

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