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St. Louis is the state capital of Missouri, United States.

It has a metro population of over 2,800,000.

Hockey in St. Louis

St Louis hosted one of the first several artificial ice surfaces in North America that opened in 1899.  The faciity hosted a four team tournament in conjunction with the 1904 World's Fair that involved teams from Minnesota, Michigan and St. Louis.

The awarding of an NHLexpansion team to St. Louis in 1966 was due to Bill Wirtz, who owned the Chicago Black Hawks and St. Louis Arena, which had been poorly maintained since the 1940's.  Wirtz had wanted to unload the arena.  No formal application had been made for a team but NHL President Clarence Campbell stated that the league liked the location of St. Louis and that the building was adequate. A 16-man investment group ended up making a formal application for the franchise.  Purchase of the arena was put forth as a condition of purchase for the expansion team.  The arena ended up needing several million dollars worth of renovations and was expanded from 12,000  to 15,000 seats.

The city hosted the 2007 Frozen Four at the Scottrade Center


  1. (Eastern Professional Hockey League, 1963-1963) join Central Professional Hockey League when league is disbanded
  2. Central Professional Hockey League, 1963-1967) moved when city gets NHL team, became Dallas Black Hawks
  1. (American Hockey Association, 1928-1942) join AHL for 1945-1946 season
  2. (AHL, 1944-1953) ceased operations
  • St. Louis Frontenacs
  1. (Great Lakes Junior Hockey League, 2010-2012) join Minnesota Junior Hockey League when league disbands as ice hockey league
  2. (Minnesota Junior Hockey League, 2012-2015) joined USPHL-Midwest as St. Louis Storm
  1. (Central States Hockey League, 1998-2010) league renamed NA3HL
  2. (NA3HL, 2010-Present)



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