Springfield, Massachusetts

A view of Springfield.

The city of Springfield is located in western Massachusetts, United States.

It has a population of about 155,000 and a metropolitan area of about 682,000.

The city is home to the offices of the American Hockey League



  1. (WHA, 1978-1979) team joins NHL as Hartford Whalers
  1. (Canadian-American Hockey League, 1926-1933) folded 13 games into season
  2. (Canadian-American Hockey League, 1935-1936) joins IAHL
  3. (International-American Hockey League, 1936-1940) see AHL
  4. (AHL, 1940-1942) suspend operations until the end of the war due to arena being used for war effort
  5. (AHL, 1946-1951) become Syracuse Warriors, moved back in 1954
  6. (Eastern Amateur Hockey League, 1951-1953) join Quebec Hockey League
  7. (Quebec Hockey League, 1953-1954) disbanded when Syracuse Warriors come back to Springfield
  8. (AHL, 1954-1967) renamed Kings when affiliation changes
  9. (AHL, 1974-1994) become Worcester Ice Cats
  10. (United Junior Hockey League, 2009) announced as an expansion team on 2/24/2009; never play

note: another Springfield Kings based in Illinois played in the Continental Hockey League from 1975-1985


  1. (Interstate Junior Hockey League, 1999-2006) league renamed International Junior Hockey League
  2. (International Junior Hockey League, Super Elite, 2006-2008)
  3. (International Junior Hockey League, Elite, 2006-2009)
  4. (America East Hockey League, 2005-2006)
  5. (Eastern States Hockey League, 2011-Present)
  1. (Continental Hockey Association, 2007-2011) league becomes ESHL
  2. (Eastern Junior Hockey League, 2009-2013) join USPHL Empire
  3. (Empire Junior Hockey League, 2009-2013) join USPHL Empire
  4. (United States Premier Hockey League-Empire, 2013-2014) join USPHL-Premier
  5. (United States Premier Hockey League-Premier, 2014-Present)


Western New England College Golden Bears (men)



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West Springfield, Massachusetts (a suburb to Springfield that hosted the major arena for the area until 1972)

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