Spooner, Wisconsin

Canoe Museum in Spooner.

Spooner is a city of more than 2600 people in northern Wisconsin, United States.


  1. (Minnesota Junior Hockey League, 2000-2004) renamed Wisconsin Mustangs
  2. (SIJHL, 2001-2003) played as interleague team
  1. (Minnesota Junior Hockey League, 2004-2010) join SIJHL
  2. (SIJHL, 2009-2010) interleague team, join league as Wilderness
  1. (SIJHL, 2010-2012) become Minnesota Wilderness based in Cloquet
  2. (SIJHL, 2013-2014) folded due to arena closing


  • Northwest Sports Complex (arena closed in 2014, sold and re-opened in 2017, arena renamed Spooner Civic Center)

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