Spokane, Washington

A view of Spokane.

Spokane is a city of about 200,000 in eastern Washington. Its metro area has about 460,000 people.


  1. (Western International Hockey League, 1948-1958)
  2. (Western International Hockey League, 1974-1978) join Pacific Hockey League
  3. (Pacific Hockey League, 1978-1979) rejoin Western International Hockey League
  4. (Western International Hockey League, 1979-1980) city gets Western Hockey League team
  5. (Western Hockey League, 1980-1981) folded December 2, 1981
  6. (Western International Hockey League, 1982-1985) city gets Western Hockey League team
  7. (Northern Pacific Hockey League, 2002-2006) become Coeur d'Alene Colts



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