Sault memorial gardens

Memorial Gardens

Sault Ste. Marie (pronounced Soo Saint Marie) is a city of about 75,000 people in northern Ontario, Canada.

It is in the area of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association.

Hockey in Sault Ste. MarieEdit


  1. (United States Amateur Hockey Association, 1920-1922) join Northern Ontario Hockey Association
  2. (Northern Ontario Hockey Association, 1922-1925) join Central Hockey League
  3. (Central Hockey League, 1925-1926) folded
  4. (Northern Ontario Hockey Association, 1926-1927) folded
  5. (NOHA, Jr, 1928-1945) disband when arena destroyed by fire
  6. Michigan-Ontario-Wisconsin League, 1947-1948)
  7. (Northern Ontario Hockey Association (Sr.), 1948-1959) folded
  8. (Northern Ontario Junior Hockey Association, 1962-1972) join OHA as expansion team
  9. (USHL, 1972-1973) already have team in OHA Jr. A
  10. (OHA Jr. A, 1972-1974) league becomes OMJHL
  11. (OMJHL, 1974-1980) league becomes OHL
  12. (Ontario Hockey League, 1980-Present)
  13. (Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League, 2002-2003) revert to Soo Thunderbirds name
  1. (Eastern Professional Hockey League, 1959-1962) become Syracuse Braves
  2. (Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League, 1999-2002) renamed Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
  3. (Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League, 2003-Present)


  • Essar Centre (2006-Present) formerly Steelback Centre
  • Gouin Street Arena (early 1900's-1910) destroyed by fire, rebuilt, destroyed by fire in 1945, rebuilt destroyed by fire in 1965
  • Norris Center (temporary facility, located in Michigan) used in 1979 due to roof repairs at Sault Memorial Gardens
  • Pullar Stadium (temporary facility, located in Michigan) used between 1945 fire and completion of Sault Memorial Gardens
  • Sault Memorial Gardens (1949-2006)
  • McMeeken Arena
  • Pee Wee Arena
  • Rankin Arena & Community Centre
  • John Rhodes Community Centre
  • Queen Elizabeth Oval


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