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The Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (SSHL) were a senior amateur league in Saskatchewan that operated on-and-off from 1938 to 1971.

Before the 1938-39 season there were Northern and Southern leagues in the province. They merged in 1938 to form the one provincial league. The chmapionship team went on in the Allan Cup as Saskatchewan's representative. In 1941 the Regina Rangers won the SSHL's only Allan Cup title.

The league carried on through most of World War II but disbanded in 1944-45 because of a shortage of players and the difficulty of travelling. From 1945-46 through 1949-50 senior teams in Regina and Saskatoon joined up with Calgary and Edmonton to form the Western Canada Senior Hockey League (WCSHL). The SSHL lay dormant until 1950 when the WCSHL moved up to the major level and competed for the Alexander Cup.

The SSHL was revived for 1950-51, again sending its champions to the Allan Cup playoffs, but only lasted until 1954-55. The Western Hockey League (WHL) operated in the province and the SSHL could not compete. It started up again in 1958-59 after the WHL left the province and operated until 1964-65. In 1965 the teams again merged with teams from Alberta to form a revived Western Canada Senior Hockey League. This new league lasted for two seasons when the teams again split on provincial lines.

The SSHL started up again in 1967-68 and lasted until 1971 when another merger formed the Prairie Senior Hockey League.


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