Russian Championship
Russian Cup Hockey
The Cup of Russia
Founded 1946 (1998)
Region Flag of Russia Russia
Current champions Metallurg Magnitogorsk (4)
Most successful team Flag of Moscow (Russia) CSKA (32)

The Russian Open Hockey Championship (Russian: Открытый Чемпионат России по хоккею, Otkrytyy Chempionat Rossii po khokkeyu), also known as the Championship of Russia in ice hockey (Russian: Чемпионат России по хоккею с шайбой, Chempionat Rossii po khokkeyu s shayboy), is an annual ice hockey award and national title, bestowed by the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia to the professional hockey organization judged to have the best performing team in Russia.

The Russian Championship (formerly Soviet Championship) has acted as the national ice hockey title of Russia since 1946. The Cup of Russia acted as an independent league title awarded in the Russian Hockey League first in 1997, before being merged with the Russian Championship in 2000. The recipient team of the Cup is awarded an engraved trophy, whereas the top-3 finalists of the Russian Championship are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. During the existence of the Russian Championship, several separate league trophies have been handed out intermittently, including the Soviet Cup (USSR), IHL Cup, and currently the Gagarin Cup (KHL). In the KHL, both the Russian Championship & the Gagarin Cup are awarded to the winner of the playoffs regardless of the nationality of the club. Traditionally however, the title of Champion of Russia was awarded to the club with the best record in the regular season. Thus the Russian Championship had a similar role to the NHL's Presidents' Trophy, albeit the top three teams in the end of the regular season received medals instead of only the team with most points. The winner of the regular season receives the Continental Cup (Russian: Кубок Континента, Kubok Kontinenta).[1]

CSKA Moscow has won the most national titles, with 32, and Soviet Cups, with 12. Thus far, Ak Bars Kazan has won the most Cups of Russia, with 4.

List of ChampionsEdit

  *   Awarded to team with most points in regular season
  *   Awarded to the winner of the post-season playoffs
  *   Winner of league Cup
(#) Number of national titles won at the time.
League Year Gold medal icon Gold Silver medal icon Silver Bronze medal icon Bronze League Cup
USSR1946-47 Dynamo Moscow (1)CDKA MoscowSpartak Moscow
USSR1947-48 CDKA Moscow (1)Spartak Moscow Dynamo Moscow
USSR1948-49 CDKA Moscow (2)VVS MoscowDynamo Moscow
USSR1949–50 CDKA Moscow (3)Dynamo MoscowKrylya Sovetov Moscow
USSR1950–51 VVS Moscow (1)Dynamo MoscowKrylya Sovetov MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1951–52VVS Moscow (2)CDSA Moscow Dynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1952–53VVS Moscow (3)CDSA Moscow Dynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1953–54Dynamo Moscow (2)CDSA Moscow Krylya Sovetov MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1954–55CSK Moscow Oblast (4)Krylya Sovetov MoscowDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1955–56CSK Moscow Oblast (5)Krylya Sovetov MoscowDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1956–57Krylya Sovetov Moscow (1)CSK Moscow Oblast Dynamo Moscow
USSR1957–58CSK Moscow Oblast (6)Krylya Sovetov MoscowDynamo Moscow
USSR1958–59CSK Moscow Oblast (7)Dynamo MoscowKrylya Sovetov Moscow
USSR1959–60CSK Moscow Oblast (8)Dynamo MoscowKrylya Sovetov Moscow
USSR1960–61CSKA Moscow (9)Torpedo GorkyLokomotiv MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1961–62Spartak Moscow (1)Dynamo MoscowCSKA Moscow
USSR1962–63CSKA Moscow (10)Dynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow
USSR1963–64CSKA Moscow (11)Dynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow
USSR1964–65CSKA Moscow (12)Spartak Moscow Khimik Voskresensk
USSR1965–66CSKA Moscow (13)Spartak Moscow Dynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1966–67Spartak Moscow (2)CSKA MoscowDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1967–68CSKA Moscow (14)Spartak Moscow Dynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1968–69Spartak Moscow (3)CSKA MoscowDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1969–70CSKA Moscow (15)Spartak Moscow Khimik Voskresensk Soviet Cup
USSR1970–71CSKA Moscow (16)Dynamo MoscowSKA Leningrad
USSR1971–72CSKA Moscow (17)Dynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow Soviet Cup
USSR1972–73CSKA Moscow (18)Spartak Moscow Krylya Sovetov MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1973–74Krylya Sovetov Moscow (2)CSKA MoscowDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1974–75CSKA Moscow (19)Krylya Sovetov MoscowSpartak Moscow
USSR1975–76Spartak Moscow (4)CSKA MoscowDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1976–77CSKA Moscow (20)Dynamo MoscowTraktor ChelyabinskSoviet Cup
USSR1977–78CSKA Moscow (21)Dynamo MoscowKrylya Sovetov Moscow
USSR1978–79CSKA Moscow (22)Dynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow Soviet Cup
USSR1979–80CSKA Moscow (23)Dynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow
USSR1980–81CSKA Moscow (24)Spartak Moscow Dynamo Moscow
USSR1981–82CSKA Moscow (25)Spartak Moscow Dynamo Moscow
USSR1982–83CSKA Moscow (26)Spartak Moscow Dynamo Moscow
USSR1983–84CSKA Moscow (27)Spartak Moscow Khimik Voskresensk
USSR1984–85CSKA Moscow (28)Dynamo MoscowSokil Kyiv
USSR1985–86CSKA Moscow (29)Dynamo MoscowSpartak Moscow
USSR1986–87CSKA Moscow (30)Dynamo MoscowSKA Leningrad
USSR1987–88CSKA Moscow (31)Dinamo RigaDynamo MoscowSoviet Cup
USSR1988–89CSKA Moscow (32)Khimik Voskresensk Krylya Sovetov MoscowLeague Cup
USSR1989–90Dynamo Moscow (3)CSKA MoscowKhimik Voskresensk
USSR1990–91Dynamo Moscow (4)Spartak Moscow Krylya Sovetov Moscow
CIS1991–92Dynamo Moscow (5)CSKA MoscowKhimik Voskresensk
IHL1992–93Dynamo Moscow (6)Lada TogliattiTraktor Chelyabinsk
Krylya Sovetov Moscow
IHL1993–94Lada Togliatti (1)Dynamo MoscowTraktor ChelyabinskIHL Cup
IHL1994–95Dynamo Moscow (7)Lada TogliattiMetallurg Magnitogorsk
Salavat Yulaev Ufa
IHL1995–96Lada Togliatti (2)Dynamo MoscowSalavat Yulaev Ufa
Avangard Omsk
RHL1996–97Torpedo Yaroslavl (1)Lada TogliattiSalavat Yulaev Ufa
RHL1997–98Ak Bars Kazan (1)Metallurg MagnitogorskTorpedo YaroslavlCup of Russia
RHL1998–99Metallurg Magnitogorsk (1)Metallurg NovokuznetskDynamo MoscowCup of Russia
RSL1999–00Dynamo Moscow (8)Ak Bars KazanMetallurg MagnitogorskCup of Russia
RSL2000–01Metallurg Magnitogorsk (2)Avangard OmskSeverstal
RSL2001–02Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (2)Ak Bars KazanMetallurg Magnitogorsk
RSL2002–03Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (3)SeverstalLada Togliatti
RSL2003–04Avangard Omsk (1)Metallurg MagnitogorskLada Togliatti
RSL2004–05Dynamo Moscow (9)Lada TogliattiLokomotiv Yaroslavl
RSL2005–06Ak Bars Kazan (2)Avangard OmskMetallurg Magnitogorsk
RSL2006–07Metallurg Magnitogorsk (3)Ak Bars KazanAvangard Omsk
RSL2007–08Salavat Yulaev Ufa (1)Lokomotiv YaroslavlMetallurg Magnitogorsk
KHL2008–09Ak Bars Kazan (3)Lokomotiv YaroslavlMetallurg MagnitogorskGagarin Cup
KHL2009–10Ak Bars Kazan (4) HC MVD Salavat Yulaev UfaGagarin Cup
KHL2010–11Salavat Yulaev Ufa (2) Atlant Moscow Oblast Lokomotiv YaroslavlGagarin Cup
KHL2011–12Dynamo Moscow (10) Avangard Omsk Traktor ChelyabinskGagarin Cup
KHL2012–13Dynamo Moscow (11) Traktor Chelyabinsk SKA Saint PetersburgGagarin Cup
KHL2013–14Metallurg Magnitogorsk (4) Lev Praha Salavat Yulaev UfaGagarin Cup


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