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Renfrew is a town of about 8,000 in the Ottawa River valley of Ontario, Canada to the west of Ottawa.

It is in the area of the Ottawa District Hockey Association.

Renfrew is best known as the home of the Renfrew Millionaires, one of the original teams in the National Hockey Association, the predecessor of the National Hockey League.


  1. (Ottawa Valley League, 1898-1902) league renamed Upper Ottawa Valley League
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1902-1910)
  3. (Inter-Provincial Amateur Hockey Union, 1911-1914)
  4. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1914-1917)
  1. (Federal Hockey League, 1909-1909) join NHA
  2. (National Hockey Association, 1909-1911) disbanded by owner
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League, 1941-1943,
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League, 1945-1949) join ECSHL
  3. (Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League, 1949-1950) join Rideau Group as Maroons
  4. Renfrew Mackinaws (Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League, 1936-1937) revert to Maroons name
  5. Renfrew Maroons  (Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League, 1951-1952)
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League, 1920-1936) renamed Mackinaws
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League, 1937-1940)
  3. (Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey League, 1929-1938, 1939-1940, 1945-1946, 1947-1949)
  4. (Little Big Four League, 1938-1939)
  5. (Rideau Group, 1950-1951) join ECSHL as Millionaires
  1. Interprovincial Senior Hockey League, 1958-1959)
  2. (Algonquin Senior League, 1964-1966)