Raymond Skilton (September 26, 1889 in Cambridge, Massachusetts - July 1, 1961) was a professional hockey player who played one season in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Wanderers.

Skilton scored a goal in his first and only game in the NHL during the inaugural 1917–18 season.

He was playing amateur hockey in the Boston area when he was posted to Montreal by the United States government in 1918. The Montreal Wanderers signed him to a one dollar contract. He managed to get in one NHL game before the burning down of their arena forced the Wanderers to disband.

Skilton then served in the military from 1918-19 but did not return to hockey until 1920. He played two seasons for the Boston Shoe Trades and one for the Boston Victorias of the United States Amateur Hockey Association. He retired in 1923.

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