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Rögle BK (Rögle Bandyklubb; founded December 18th 1932 in Ängelholm, Sweden) is a professional team playing in the Elitserien. The team promoted back to the Elitserien in 2008 after 12 seasons spent in the Allsvenskan.


Initially founded as a bandy team, the hockey section of the club appeared in 1950. It made it to the top level of Swedish hockey, then called Allsvenskan (and not to be confused with the current Allsvenskan), in 1966 and stayed until 1969; they would stay in the second level until 1992, where they promoted to the Elitserien. Their stay up there once again lasted only three seasons, as the team was relegated back to the Allsvenskan in 1996. They needed twelve years to get back to the top level, in 2008.

Rögle has developped among others brothers Jörgen and Kenny Jönsson. Both went to play in the National Hockey League; Kenny returned to Rögle in 2004 and is the team's current captain.

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