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Quidi Vidi Lake is a 1600 m long body of water located at the east end of the city of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. The lake has a long history of hosting sporting events, with the most renowned being the annual Royal St. John's Regatta, said to be the oldest continuous sporting event still held in North America. The former Pepperrell Air Force Base (now called CFS St. John's) was located on the north shore of this lake and Virginia Waters, a stream which meandered through the air base, flows into Quidi Vidi Lake. The South shore of the Lake boasts a number of residential and apartment complexes. The area features spectacular views and access to the many cultural events held at Lakeside.

The lake was the site of the first documented ice hockey games in Newfoundland in February of 1896. The lake was used as the primary venue for the city until the Prince's Rink was opened in January of 1899.  Prior to the introduction of ice hockey the lake was used primarily for recreational skating and skate racing.

Quidi Vidi Lake has a 3.8 square kilometer leg of St. John's Grand Concourse walking trail[1] surrounding it. On the north end of the walking trail is a fenced-in outdoor dog park and a Modern Skate park.


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