Interior of the Quebec Skating Rink

Quebec Skating Rink, circa 1910

Quebec Skating Rink
View from Parliament Buildings, 1908
Full name Quebec Skating Rink
Location Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Built 1851 (1st),
1864 (2nd),
1877 (3rd),
1891 (4th)
Opened 1851
Expanded 1891
Closed 1918
Owner Quebec Skating Club
Surface 180'x70' (natural ice)
Tenants Quebec Hockey Club (Bulldogs)
Capacity 1,400 seated, 3,500 standing (1891– )

Quebec Skating Rink was the name of several ice rinks in Quebec City, Quebec. The first was built in 1851, and was the world's first covered skating rink, and was located near the St. Lawrence River. The second rink, built in 1864, was situated on the Grand-Allée, as were the third and fourth rinks. The rinks were developed initially for ice skating, but the developing sport of ice hockey, saw the inauguration of the Quebec Hockey Club in the 1880s, which would use the rink as their home rink. The hockey club would move to the new, larger Quebec Arena in 1913.

History[edit | edit source]

The first, opened in 1851 [1] or 1852,[2] was the first covered skating rink in the world. It was located on a dock near the St. Lawrence River. The second rink opened in 1864. It was located on the south side of the Grand-Allée, on the grounds of what is today the Plains of Abraham park.

The third rink, opened in December 1877, was located on the north side of the Grand-Allée, but was dismantled in 1891 because the Parliament Building wanted more room. The third rink was designed by William Tutin Thomas, the son of William Thomas.

The fourth rink was built on the south side of the Grand-Allée in 1889. It would host the two Stanley Cup victories of the Quebec Hockey Club (by then known as the Bulldogs) in 1912 and 1913. The rink was located at the entrance to the Plains of Abraham park. The fourth rink was destroyed by fire in 1918.

In 1913, after the second Stanley Cup win, the Quebec Hockey Club proposed to build a new facility. With support of Quebec City Council, a new arena is built in Victoria Park by a group headed by Joseph-Etienne Dussualt. The 6,000 seat venue, known as Quebec Arena is built in time for its first game in December 1913.[3] The Quebec Skating Rink, already scheduled for demolition, was destroyed by fire in October 1918.[4]

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References[edit | edit source]

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Preceded by
first arena
Home of the
Quebec Bulldogs

1881 – 1913
Succeeded by
Quebec Arena

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