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This was the new name of the Junior Amateur Hockey Association (JAHA). It started up in 1949-50.

The league had a rather uneven history.

The JAHA champion won the Memorial Cup in 1948-49 and the Quebec Junior League champion won it in 1949-50. However after that there were no more Memorial Cup wins.

The popularity of the league waned after 1950. It competed against a the very popular Montreal Canadiens and the Quebec Senior Hockey League.The number of teams dropped from 7 in 1949-50 to 3 in 1954-55. Interlocking play with the OHA Junior A League was introduced.

Finally on August 30, 1955 the Trois Rivieres Flambeaux disbanded after the Trois Rivieres Lions were admitted into the minor pro Quebec Hockey League. The league, down to just two teams, disbanded.

The Quebec Junior League was finished for over a decade.

The Montreal Junior Canadiens became an independent (non-league) team in 1955-56 while the Quebec Frontenacs joined the lower-level Saguenay-Quebec Junior League.

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