Welshmen was the name of the sports teams of Prince of Wales College, formerly located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. In 1969 it merged with St. Dunstan's University to form the University of Prince Edward Island. All records are on the UPEI Panthers page.

They often played in a city league with local teams. There are no records of those leagues on Wikia.

Over a 5 year period they played PEI rival St. Dunstan's Saints for the Wellner Trophy. After winning the trophy three times, St. Dunstan's was allowed to keep the trophy.

Wellner Trophy[edit | edit source]

Wellner Trophy


Wellner Trophy - zoomed in

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Hall of Fame Story on Clayton “Nick” Nicolle, Wilmont Robertson, and Elmer Blanchard Quote:

When you look at the hockey stories in the Charlottetown sports pages from 1943 to 1946, it’s hard to miss the continual references to three players by the names of Nicolle, Robertson, and Blanchard. This forward line was an unstoppable combination that led Prince of Wales College to two PEI Collegiate Championships and a City of Charlottetown Championship.

PEI History

Prince of Wales College Welshmen - 1960

Prince of Wales College Welshwomen - 1938

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