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Presidents' Trophy
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Established 1985-86 NHL season
Current holder Boston Bruins
Awarded to the National Hockey League team with the most points in the regular season.

The Presidents' Trophy is an award presented by the National Hockey League (NHL) to the team which finishes with the most points in the league during the regular season. If two teams tie each other with the most points, then the trophy goes to whichever team accumulated the most wi has been awarded 21 times to 12 different teams since its beginnings in 1985. [1]


The trophy was introduced at the start of the 1985-86 NHL season by the league's Board of Governors. Prior to 1986, the best team in the league during the regular season was allowed to hang a banner stating "NHL League Champions", even though all Stanley Cup winners since 1947 were technically the NHL champions.[2] The winning team is also awarded 350,000 Canadian dollars, to be shared between the team and its players.[1] While only six of all the Presidents' Trophy winners have gone on to win the Stanley Cup in their respective years, it remains the most likely position to produce the cup winner, because the Presidents' Trophy winner is guaranteed home-ice advantage in all four rounds of the Stanley Cup playoffs, provided the team advances that far.

From 1937 to 1968, the same criterion now observed for winning the Presidents' Trophy was used to award the Prince of Wales Trophy.[3] With the Modern Era expansion in the 1967-68 season and the creation of the West Division, the Wales Trophy was awarded to the team that finished in first place in the East Division during the regular season.[3] However, no trophy was awarded to the team that finished with the best overall record in the entire league during this period, and no trophy at all was awarded based on the results of the regular season from the 1981-82 season through the 1984-85 season; the Wales and Campbell trophies were transferred to the playoff champions of those conferences in 1981-82. A cash bonus was given to each player on the team with the league's best regular-season record during these years, to which the Presidents' Trophy was added in 1985-86.[1]

The only team to have won the Presidents' Trophy more than twice is the Detroit Red Wings, with 5. However, the Montreal Canadiens have finished first overall 21 times, the most times in league history, although they have yet to win the Presidents' Trophy. Detroit is second with 17 first-overall finishes.[4]


Niklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings has been part of five Presidents' Trophy winning teams.

Chris Drury played for the 2000-01 Colorado Avalanche and the 2006-07 Buffalo Sabres.

      Team won the Stanley Cup.       Team lost in the Stanley Cup Finals.       Team lost in the first round of the playoffs.[nb 1] Bold Team with the most points ever accumulated in a season during the trophy's existence.

Year Winner Points Margin Win # Playoff Result
1985–86 Edmonton Oilers 119 9 1 Lost Division Finals (CGY)
1986–87 Edmonton Oilers 106 6 2 Won Stanley Cup (PHI)
1987–88 Calgary Flames 105 2 1 Lost Division Finals (EDM)
1988–89 Calgary Flames 117 2 2 Won Stanley Cup (MTL)
1989–90 Boston Bruins 101 2 1 Lost Stanley Cup Finals (EDM)
1990–91 Chicago Blackhawks 106 1 1 Lost Division Semifinals (MNS)
1991–92 New York Rangers 105 7 1 Lost Division Finals (PIT)
1992–93 Pittsburgh Penguins 119 10 1 Lost Division Finals (NYI)
1993–94 New York Rangers 112 6 2 Won Stanley Cup (VAN)
1994–95 Detroit Red Wings 070[nb 2] 5 1 Lost Stanley Cup Finals (NJD)
1995–96 Detroit Red Wings 131 27 2 Lost Conference Finals (COL)
1996–97 Colorado Avalanche 107 3 1 Lost Conference Finals (DET)
1997–98 Dallas Stars 109 2 1 Lost Conference Finals (DET)
1998–99 Dallas Stars 114 9 2 Won Stanley Cup (BUF)
1999–2000 St. Louis Blues 114 6 1 Lost Conference Quarterfinals (SJS)
2000–01 Colorado Avalanche 118 7 2 Won Stanley Cup (NJD)
2001–02 Detroit Red Wings 116 15 3 Won Stanley Cup (CAR)
2002–03 Ottawa Senators 113 2 1 Lost Conference Finals (NJD)
2003–04 Detroit Red Wings 109 3 4 Lost Conference Semifinals (CGY)
2004–05 The Presidents' Trophy was not awarded due to the lockout that canceled the entire season.
2005–06 Detroit Red Wings 124 11 5 Lost Conference Quarterfinals (EDM)
2006–07 Buffalo Sabres 113 0 1 Lost Conference Finals (OTT)
2007–08 Detroit Red Wings 115 7 6 Won Stanley Cup (PIT)
2008–09 San Jose Sharks 117 1 1 Lost Conference Quarterfinals (ANA)
2009–10 Washington Capitals 121 8 1 Lost Conference Quarterfinals (MTL)
2010–11 Vancouver Canucks 117 10 1 Lost Stanley Cup Finals (BOS)
2011–12 Vancouver Canucks 111 2 2 Lost Conference Quarterfinals (LAK)
2012–13 Chicago Blackhawks 77[nb 3] 5 2 Won Stanley Cup (BOS)
2013–14 Boston Bruins 117 1 2 Lost Second Round (MTL)
2014–15 New York Rangers 113 3 3 Lost Conference Finals (TBL)
2015–16 Washington Capitals 120 11 2 Lost Second Round (PIT)
2016–17 Washington Capitals 118 7 3 Lost Second Round (PIT)
2017–18 Nashville Predators 117 3 1 Lost Second Round (WPG)
2018–19 Tampa Bay Lightning 128 21 1 Lost First Round (CBJ)
2019–20 Boston Bruins 100 6 3




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