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A power forward is a forward who possesses above average offensive skills and plays a tough, physical game. Most of the time, power forwards are physically large, but some players are referred to as power forwards despite being no more than six feet tall. Power forwards tend to be proficient stickhandlers and skaters who shoot the puck well and, at the same time, are capable of delivering crushing body checks and may also fight occasionally. Many power forwards plant their bodies in front of the opposing team's net and use their large frames to screen the goaltender. Power forwards also tend to be very difficult to knock off possession of the puck, hence their ability to "power through" opposing defenders.

Power forwards are desirable because of their well-rounded skill set and physical play. Smaller skilled forwards, who are talented offensively but lack the strength of power forwards, are often easier to defend because they can be pushed around, knocked off the puck, or are more susceptible to intimidation. Power forwards do not tend to have any of those liabilities.

This role is slowly dying because of the new, finesse play in the NHL.

Famous Power Forwards[]

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