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Port Arthur was a city in northwestern Ontario, Canada. It was on the northwest shore of Lake Superior,

It is now part of the city of Thunder Bay.

Port Arthur management carrying Pattison Cup and Allan Cup in 1929.


  1. (International American Hockey League, 1936-1938) withdrew
  2. (International American Hockey League, 1946-1947)
  3. (Thunder Bay Senior Hockey League, 1951-1958) drop to Intermediate level
  4. (Thunder Bay Senior Hockey League, 1960-1970) merge with Fort William Beavers to form Thunder Bay Twins of the United States Hockey League
  1. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1943-1946) revert to Juniors name
  2. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1950-1953) renamed North Stars
  1. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1925-1943) renamed Flyers
  2. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1946-1949) renamed Flyers
  1. (New Ontario Hockey League, 1907-1908)
  2. (New Ontario Hockey League, 1909-1912)
  1. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1925-1932) become West End Retrievers
  2. (Thunder Bay Junior Hockey League, 1933-1946) become West End Bruins



Lake City Rink 1913

After the Port Arthur Arena was closed it appears much of the hockey in the area was played out of the Fort William Gardens in Fort William, Ontario which opened in 1951.  The two cities would form Thunder Bay in 1970.