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The Poppy Waterman Ice Arena is an indoor arena located in Lake Delton, Wisconsin. Since 2011 the facility has been home to the Dells Ducks of the United States Premier Hockey League. The arena is also home to the Lake Delton Skate Club.

The arena was the site on an incident on December 12-13, 2014 when a carbon monoxide leak during a weekend series ended up sending 81 people to the hospital including every member of the visiting Rochester Ice Hawks.  Several of the players started feeling ill during a game on Friday and the cause was not readily apparent. By the game Saturday more of the players were falling ill and one passing out due to the high carbon monoxide levels.  The cause was later revealed to be an ice resurfacing machine that was not properly working.  The situation was made worse by the fact at the time Wisconsin State law did not require carbon monoxide detectors being installed in the rink.[1]

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