Pontiac Silverdome
The Pontiac Silverdome was an indoor stadium located in Pontiac, Michigan.  The stadium was the home of the Detroit Lions of the National Football League from when it opened in 1975 until they moved to Ford Field in downtown Detroit for the 2002 season.  The stadium was proposed as the location for the Detroit Gladiators of the World Hockey Association (proposed) which planned to start play in 2004-05 during the 2004-05 NHL lock-out. The league would rapidly fall apart during the fall of 2004.  During this time several teams collaped and the leagud dis shorly thereafter.

The stadium would close in 2006 and it briefly reopened from 2010 to 2013 when the dome collapsed and the stadium was condemned in 2017.  The stadium was scheduled for demolition by implosion on December 3, 2017.  The explosives failed to bring down the stadium due to a wiring error and the next day they tried again.  This time it suceeded.

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