Pla-Mor Ballroom entrance.jpg

The Pla-Mor Ice Palace was an indoor arena located in Kansas City, Missouri.  The arena was located at 3127 Wyandotte Street.  The facility was primarily known as a concert and ballroom venue through most of its history but the arena was home to Kansas City ice hockey from 1928 to 1951; when the city didn't have a pro hockey team.  In the 1950's the building became exclusively a bowling alley as the ballroom ceased business. The facility was closed in 1966.  In 1967 when the Kansas City Blues of the Central Hockey League started play out of the American Royal Arena which was home venue of the American Royal Rodeo.  The facility briefly reopened from 1970 to 1972 as Freedom Palace which served as a rock concert ventue.  The facility was demolished on March 31, 1972.  The site is now a car dealership lot.

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