The Piteå Wall of Fame is a wall of fame at Kvarnvallen Icestadium in the Swedish town of Piteå. Here, the players who started their career in an ice hockey club in Piteå and played in the Tre kronor are honored with a plate on the wall with a photo and career facts. Many of them are world champions, Olympic champions and Stanley Cup winners.


Name Olympic games World Champions Stanley cup winners Swedish ice hockey champions Club
Mikael Renberg 1998 Gold, 1993 Silver 2001 bronze Retired
Tomas Holmström 2006 gold 1997, 1998, 2002 Detroit Red Wings 1996 Luleå HF Detroit Red Wings
Mattias Öhlund 2006 Gold 1998 Gold 1997 silver 2001 bronze 1996 Luleå HF Tampa Bay Lightning
Stefan Persson 1980,1981,1982,1983 New York Islanders (first Swede to win) 1976,1977 Brynäs Retired
Tomas Berglund 1977 WC silver 1996 Luleå HF Retired
Lars Lindgren 1977 WC Silver Retired
Hasse Svedberg 1957 Gold 1958 bronze Retired
Lars Hurtig 1996 Luleå HF Retired
Jan Sandström Luleå HF
Lars Öhman Retired
Lars Edström Retired
Jan Asplund 1976, 1977 and 1980 Brynäs Retired
Leif R Carlsson 1986, 1988 Färjestad Retired
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