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Pembroke is a town in eastern Ontario, Canada in the Ottawa River valley.


  • Pembroke
  1. (Ottawa Valley League, 1898-1902) league renamed UOVL
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1902-1912) join IHU
  3. (Interprovincial Hockey Union,1912-1914) join UOVL
  4. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1914-1915)
  5. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1916-1917)
  6. (Ottawa District Junior Playoffs (Independent team), 1928-1929)
  7. (Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey League, 1948-1949)
  1. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1919-1931) join North Renfrew League (team was also known as Arenas during this time)
  2. (Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey League, 1929-1938)
  3. (North Renfrew League, 1931-1932) join UOVL
  4. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1932-1935) renamed Falcons
  5. (Little Big Four League, 1938-1939) join UOVJHL
  6. (Upper Ottawa Valley Junior Hockey League, 1939-1940)
  7. Ottawa District Junior Playoffs (Independent team), 1940-1941)
  8. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1941-1942)
  9. (Upper Ottawa Valley League, 1945-1949) join Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League
  10. (Eastern Canada Senior Hockey League, 1949-1953) join NOHA
  11. (Northern Ontario Hockey Association-Senior), 1954-1956) join OHA Senior A
  12. (OHA Senior A Hockey League, 1956-1958) drop out just before start of season
  13. (Interprovincial Junior League, 1958-1960) renamed Domestics
  14. (Interprovincial Senior Hockey League, 1958-1961) folded
  15. (Central Junior A Hockey League,1964-2009) join CJHL
  16. (Central Junior Hockey League, 2009-2010) join CCHL
  17. (Central Canada Hockey League, 2010-Present)




The Giesebrecht family in 1947.

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